The company GIS-hulp

I am Diethard Jansen and I work for my company GIS-hulp one day a week, preferably on friday. The other four days I work with great pleasure for the IT company Accenture. I started developing GIS applications back in 2000. GIS-hulp focuses on providing support to Dutch organisations on QGIS.

Diethard Jansen

Experience with QGIS

In my spare time I discovered QGIS in 2007 and I immediately liked this GIS. In 2014 I decided to sacrifice one workday to be able to get more sincerely involved with QGIS. I decided to start a company so I can support non-profit organisations and stimulate the use of QGIS. QGIS is a fullblown GIS. QGIS has a lot of functionality and is easier to learn than commercial GIS applications. QGIS runs on most operating systems like Mac OSX, Windows and many Linux distro's. The perfomance of QGIS is really great now it is able to use all available CPU's in parallel (from version 2.4 onwards).

Contributions to QGIS


I have developed several python plugins for QGIS, one of them being a "call before you dig" plugin that is used by building contractors and network companies. With this plugin you can easily open the received result in QGIS and see the location of all the pipes and cables of all network companies for the area where you want to dig, so Dutch distribution networks are better protected.


I have helped to convert the documentation from LaTeX to reST (reStructuredText).


The QGIS application is delivered with many languages and you can easily switch and start QGIS in another language. QGIS has also a lot of documentation.

I help for several years to keep the QGIS application fully translated and invest a lot of time to translate the manuals.

Experience with international development

From 1993-1996 I worked three years as a volunteer for the English charity organisation VSO in the Solomon Islands. I worked for the Environmental Health Division of the Ministry of Health & Medical Services. I helped to improve the water supply in several Provinces. I designed new water supply distribution systems and supervised the implementation of several bigger projects. I still am gratefull I could assist with the implementation of the water supply systems for two very remote provincial secondary schools Allardyce PSS and Choiseul Bay PSS.


GIS-hulp is a little company that I run beside my steady salary job. Therefore I am a bit restricted and can not accept all assignments..