First Contact

Preferably by email, in which is shortly described what kind of support is needed.

Help for QGIS community

I will treat every request for support with great respect!

GIS-hulp promotes the use of QGIS!

When GIS-hulp can not provide the support you need, GIS-hulp will certainly help to find for you the right support inside the QGIS community.

Proposal and project plan

Before each assignment, we will discuss details to define a proposal. Part of the proposal will be a project plan which clearly stat the boundaries of the project to meet expectations.

Implementation and Result

During the implementation the progress will be reported frequently.

When the assignment is completed, we will discuss which part of the result can be shared with the whole QGIS community. This will be written down in a short agreement as well.

Assignment Criteria

GIS-hulp will not accept all assignments.

  1. Not too big
  2. In the Netherlands
  3. In some cases my emplorer needs to agree

GIS-hulp prefers to work on assignments that matter in a social context. The assignments should be not too big and should be completed within several months (given the one day a week that I can work on the assignment).

I want to keep travelling for assignments to the minimum, therefore I prefer to work for Dutch organisations in the Netherlands.

Should Serve Social/Public interest

Nurse Crossing Creek in Solomon Islands

Solomon Island nurse crossing a bridge
by Keiko Ota, © GIS-hulp

GIS-hulp prefers to support charity organisations with their use of QGIS. So please cross that bridge!